What are the Benefits of a Customized Facial?

What are the Benefits of a Customized Facial

Everyone’s skin is different. What’s yours is different from the others. Some people have oily skin, others have dry skin, and still, others have combination skin, sensitive skin, or skin that has been through a lot. 

The bottom line is your skin is unique, and so should how you take care of it. At Signature Aesthetics & IV Lounge, we never treat skincare like “one size fits all.” When a customer comes in for a facial, we sit with them and carefully look at their skin. 

We choose products based on their skin needs and advise them on how to take care of their skin and even what to eat to help them reach their skin goals. Here are the three best reasons to give yourself a treat and get a custom facial.

What is a Customized Facial?

A customized facial is a service you can get at a spa that is made just for you and your skin problems. No matter what skin you have, a personalized treatment can help with exfoliation, acne, moisturization, deep cleansing, or a combination of these things.

What Can You Guarantee from a Customized Facial?

No matter what your skin care needs are—exfoliation, acne treatment, moisturizing, deep cleaning, pigmentation, aging, dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of these—a personalized treatment can help.

Take Care of Every Skin Issue

If you have acne, your facial will be very different from that of someone whose primary goal is to stop the signs of aging. If someone doesn’t have acne, they shouldn’t use a product that helps people with acne because it could hurt their skin. 

This is why facials that are made just for you are so important. They focus on your problems, so nothing in the facial will hurt your skin type. A facial for someone with rosacea is an excellent example of this. 

For this facial to work, the products used would have to be very gentle and missing things needed for a facial that focuses on treating acne or getting rid of blackheads.

Gentle & Ideal For Your Skin

Face masks for all skin types can sometimes be too gentle. Face massages are relaxing, but they don’t solve any problems. Even though a relaxing face massage is essential to a good facial, it shouldn’t be the only part. 

Some skin types and conditions need gentle cleansers, but others can’t use them because they are too soft.

Learning From Your Skin

When you get a standard facial, you must learn what tips, tricks, and products will work for your skin type. You will still get something out of it, but you won’t be able to learn anything or find things that are made just for you. 

With a custom facial, a provider and specialist will teach you about products and treatments that will help you with your specific needs. 

You must know that education is essential in caring for your skin. You don’t want to use things that don’t help your skin or worsen it.

At Signature Aesthetics & IV Lounge, you can always get custom results for the best comfort of your skin. Our clinic and doctors are someone you can count on and are where you need to go if you want any spa treatment. 

Again, we know how to take care of our skin, give massages, and do much more. The people who work at our clinic are all trained to help you relax and let go of stress through relaxation massage.

How to Prepare for Your Treatment

Before your treatment starts, we will discuss your skin to find out what kind it is and if you have any special needs or concerns, such as allergies or medications. Next, we’ll discuss your treatment goals and how you can meet them.

This information is used to make a treatment plan for your face that is unique to you.

Some providers may ask that you remove all jewelry and clothes above the waist (don’t worry, the spa bedding covers you).

Your treatment will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and a steam session to clean your pores. Then, you relax with a mask or peel to firm your face. Some providers may provide a massage for your upper body, including your head, to relieve any stress or tension you may be feeling.

Your custom treatment will also use a mix of serums, oils, and moisturizers. This part may include additional hot towel treatments.

Why Consider?

Healthy skin looks and feels great, so getting a healing facial is a good investment for your health. Our treatments are all tailored to give you the best facial experience possible. Here are ways to get the most out of your next customized facial at Signature Aesthetics & IV Lounge.

Best Specialist

All of our Skin Therapists are licensed, have special training, and are certified, so when you get a customized facial from any of our staff, you will be in good hands.

We Work with You 

During your skin analysis and facial, we want to ask you questions to learn more about taking care of your skin. Please take advantage of your time with a skin expert and ask them anything you want to know about your skincare plan.

Talk about what you want to happen and what you think will happen. Feel free to tell me what you want from your facial treatment. When we know what you want, we can tailor your facial and home care plan to help you get the desired results.

Customized Facial at its Finest

During your skin analysis, we will ensure to know and understand everything based on your skin care needs and goals. This will help your customized facial last longer and give you the best results possible. 

Rest and Have Fun! 

Once your facial starts, sit back and enjoy the moment while your skin is taken care of. Now is the time to relax and let us and our team do what they do best: to make your skin as healthy as possible.

Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about our treatments. See you here in our clinic! 

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