Pixel8-RF Microneedling

Pixel8-RF Microneedling

Pixel8-RF Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy or CIT. This therapy relies on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself after an injury. Pixel8-RF is unlike typical exfoliation treatments, and RF microneedling penetrates past the stratum corneum, causes slight injuries, and brings heat into the sub-dermis. This treatment triggers and remodels the collagen within these systems.

Pixel8-RF microneedling helps improve the appearance of:

The Pixel8-RF device uses specifically insulated needles to drive high-intensity radiofrequency energy into targeted tissues. The reason behind this treatment is to boost and revamp collagen and bring on the regeneration of the vital elastin cells. In addition, the device gives a warming effect to deep tissue and helps to activate new collagen to grow. As a result, significant skin quality and texture improvement are quickly seen.

Usually, one to three sessions are needed to achieve the desired results.

The Treatment

SkinPen Microneedling

Price $500

A procedure that uses micro-injuries of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This process helps generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, toned skin. Microneedling can improve acne scarring, skin texture, fine lines, pore size, and skin elasticity. It may be done with HA (Hyaluronic Acid) serum, somatic cells, or natural growth factors. Typically 3-5 sessions are needed for optimal results. During the procedure, thousands of micro-perforations are made along the targeted area to activate the body’s natural wound healing process. This lets the skin heal and rejuvenates, producing new collagen, elastin, and fibrins. Microneedling can improve moderate to severe acne scarring, tighten lax skin, smooth deep wrinkles or creases, and enhance the skin’s texture. When combined with your natural growth factors, we multiply your growth factors and improve collagen, elastin, and fibrin. It also provides a harmonious effect for maximum results. Retain from waxing for at least one week before the procedure. If you get symptoms such as dryness, you may use a cold compress to alleviate it. We recommend several treatments for optimal results.


This revolutionary device is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive method of RF microneedling. It can help patients of all skin types, tones, and textures.

The Pixel8-RF microneedling is not painful. Patients have said there is some small discomfort but applying topical anesthetics and using cool air helps with comfort during the sessions.

It usually takes about 20-30 minutes. However, with pre-procedure numbing and aftercare, the entire visit will take only about one hour.

There is minimal downtime with the Pixel8 treatment. You can expect some facial redness and tenderness, minor swelling, skin shedding, and bruising. These are resolved within a few days.

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